First of all, tell us a little about yourself. What got you into modeling and what age did you start?

When I grew up, I always wanted to become a model.. it's almost ever girls dream! I actually got into modeling at age 14 doing Import Expo and modeled as a model for make-up shows. After modeling for Imports, I wanted to go beyond the import industry and get into more lingerie, fashion, and much more, so I chased it and I'm where I am now because of dedication and hard work!

Do you currently work with a modeling agency and how hard is it to find work as a model where you live in Texas?

I'm not currently signed with a modeling agency at the time, I figured I got enough jobs around the United States that I figured I shouldn't be paying modeling agencies to find me jobs. I started my own modeling and promotional team here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, So a lot of venues and club promoters hire my girls and me to help promote and model.

It seems like you have a lot going on. Tell us about juggling your job, modeling and of course your personal time.

I am currently juggling a job as a event coordinator and event manager at a sushi restaurant on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I go to school Monday through Friday, Model  Wednesday to Sunday, A make-up artist on some weekends, and juggle my kids 7 days a week. I really don't know how I do it, but I do, Thank goodness for the calendar and my schedule/appointment book, I would not know what to do without it!
By reading your blogs, I would say you hit some hard times. Are things getting better and who has been your shoulder through it all?

Life has been very bumpy for me. I've gone through so many obstacles one right after the other! It's been a crazy obstacle, but I'm getting through it. Times will always be hard because it's life. I just learn to keep my head up and believe and have faith because that's what is going to get me through it all. My Family and Friends have been supportive throughout it all, although we all don't see eye to eye, in the end, they will be there for me.

Name drop some of the past magazines/shows you have been in for our readers and tell us, which one had the biggest effect on your modeling career to date?

Maxim Hometown Hottie, Carbon8Magazine, Block2Block Magazine, Tyra Bank Show, NBC 5 Commerical for Warehouse Sale, NBC 5 Commerical for Lingerie Football League, ION Channel for Hu Rock Beats Commerical, Fashion Shows all around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I think all of them had the same effect on my modeling career. Each magazine and show I've done, I've actually casted for the part and or was notified that they were interested in working with me. I just think that each modeling job I get is just another job to help me excel to further my modeling career. I don't see one job bigger or better than the other, because when I tell people I was in a certain magazine or in a particular magazine, they just reply "oh wow, thats cool, etc..." but I'm sure they forget about it later and just know me as a model instead of the model from so and so show or magazine.

So who is your all time favorite model and why?

Tyra Banks. Should I say more? She been rejected and turned down so many times yet she held her head up high and still pushed and worked for what she believed was her dream, and now she's Americas Top Model. Needless to say, She is not only beauty but she has brains! She has accomplish many things in her life from being a model, to an actress, to a tv host.
Tell us about the LFL. You played for the Dallas what happened and are you going to make a return?

Lingerie Football League. Can I say anymore? It's 7-on-7 full contact tackle with girls in lingerie! Unfortunately I broke my clavical bone and tore my MCL, but I am definitely looking to make a return next season.

Can't help but notice some girl on girl photo's in your profile and I am sure every male reader who has seen them would kick my ass if I didn't ask the big question....Fantasy or...well, you know?

Shhh, it's a secret! Actually, I've always been attracted to girls, it's just a natural thing... i guess. I've been hurt so many times by guys and it's probably because I havent found the right one.. but I guess a little girl on girl action wont hurt in the meantime!

Give yourself a little plug here, tell the world how to get a hold of yourself for booking and where we might be able to find you next.

email: iheartmalysado@     phone: (310) 279-7065 
I post all events that I am doing on Facebook! Holla. :")     Malysa Do

It been a pleasure having the chance to interview you. Your very sexy and very sweet. Can our readers look forward to a live radio interview on Twaddle Live?

Most Definitely.
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She's Not Just Beautiful And Oh So Sexy. Malysa Has Proven Her Self To Be A Smart Business Woman Who Knows What She Wants And Has Every Once Of Determintaion To Reach Her Goals With Or Without The Help Of The Outside World. Firm And In Control At The Work Place, Sensitive And Delicate In Her Personal Life. Malysa Do Is What Most Of Us Strive To Be.
March 1st 2010 5th Issue
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